The road to responsible AI: Creating an ethical framework for the use of generative AI

Author: Mark Tiedens




17 October 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been driving technical development and innovation in business for decades. But the advent of generative AI is a game changer. From natural language chatbots and virtual assistants to content creation, generative AI is set to revolutionize the way we do business, whatever the industry. However, we must be careful not to embrace this disruptive technology without first addressing the ethical and legal implications.

Time to take responsibility

Understanding the importance of careful management and responsible practices to navigate this new frontier, HH Global has invested in building a safe, controlled environment for us and our clients to manage risk and pave the way forward.

We have adopted responsible practices in developing and deploying generative AI systems, to define principles, establish governance and invest in understanding the risks and the opportunities of generative AI. This started with the development of risk assessment frameworks, policy development, control measures, and the prioritization of training and knowledge-sharing within our teams.

Transparency is key

As a global business working with the biggest brands, our operations and behaviors can have far-reaching implications. For us and our clients, the responsible use of generative AI means transparency and trust. That’s why we’ve created an AI Governance team, focused specifically on generative AI, with experts from all core areas of our business.

This team ensures that our platforms are thoroughly evaluated, examined and understood. And that, for each AI system and algorithm in use, there is clear logic, transparent explanations and provenance for AI-generated content and decisions.

Protecting what matters

We transfer thousands of pieces of customer data a day through our global network of strategic partners and clients. And protecting the privacy and security of this data is our top priority.

So, one of our key commitments is to minimize data exposure by ensuring the generative AI systems under evaluation only collect and use the data that is necessary.

In addition, we undergo regular security audits, updates, and testing to comply with global privacy regulations. We also deploy anonymization, encryption and access controls to safeguard sensitive information.

While generative AI holds huge potential for automation, we are clear that it should be used to augment human judgment and ingenuity, as opposed to replacing it. Responsible automated decisioning demands human oversight and collaboration to ensure that systems are founded on ethics, and do not perpetuate societal inequalities or breach data and intellectual property legislation. Humans must retain the ability to intervene, review, and override AI-generated decisions when necessary.

Harnessing generative AI – the ethical way

As AI continues to influence our world, responsible usage is key. As experts, guiding our business and driving performance for our clients, we remain in the driving seat. Responsible AI requires leadership and guidance – and collaboration too. It is our collective responsibility to grasp the evolving AI opportunity and prioritize transparency, provenance, data security and ethical principles.

By doing so, we will minimize the risks and fully harness the transformative potential of generative AI.

Mark Tiedens

Chief Technology Officer

Mark is responsible for both operational and client facing technology strategy and development across all HH Global solutions. He also continues to serve as CEO of Noosh, HH Global’s self service marketing procurement solution. With 20 years of experience driving growth and technology innovation, Mark leads a global team of software engineers and information technology professionals.


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