Supporting Global Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging + Equity with DIAL Global

Author: Thomas Huscroft




21 August 2023

We are proud to be sponsors and supporters of DIAL Global and the DIAL Global Diversity Review Launch 2023 that took place on 18 July at the New York Stock Exchange.

According to DIAL Global, the business case for diversity is clear, with inclusive companies and teams measured as innovating to a higher level, being more creative and ultimately seeing higher profits. Through their network research they suggest that teams of diverse thinkers create the most diverse products and solutions.  As a result, there is real pressure from employees inside companies, as well as consumers and investors from the outside, to strive for equality within the workplace.

DIAL Global sets the tone when it comes to diversity and inclusion on a global basis, holding businesses accountable and ensuring fair working conditions for people from all walks of life. They are 100% focused on leading the charge when it comes to affecting real change. Every year DIAL holds a diversity review, highlighting key areas of businesses across the UK and US in an effort to enact tangible results from the top down.

This year, HH Global’s Chief Procurement Officer, Kathy Presto, joined the line-up of speakers at the DIAL Global Diversity Review alongside some of the leading voices in the diversity, inclusion, belonging and equity (DIBE) space. Now in its third year, the event was live streamed from the New York Stock Exchange to discuss the latest research from the DIAL Global Diversity Review (DDR).

“The research from DIAL has shown that there are significant benefits to creating diverse working environments. Teams with a wide range of individuals perform more creatively, innovatively, and profitably. At HH Global we know our people are our greatest strength, and we are committed to supporting all aspects of diversity and inclusion across all our business”. Kathy Presto, Chief Procurement Officer HH Global.

The agenda for the US event on 18 July focused on:

  • “Self ID and the rise of data collection” focusing on the increase in workforce data collection and how big a role data can play in the battle for achieving equity.
  • “Have we reached the end of empathy” aimed at exploring the significant decrease in support for working parents and careers in the US and how companies are becoming more stringent with their money in uncertain economic times.

Watch a recording of the live stream here:


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