It takes an expert, human touch to unleash the power of generative AI

Author: Mark Tiedens




26 January 2024

It takes an expert, human touch to unleash the power of generative AI

In the dynamic landscape of marketing, staying ahead of the ever-shifting curve is essential. At HH Global, we help our clients navigate this constant change by working at the forefront of new and emerging technologies, including our commitment to harnessing the immense potential of generative artificial intelligence (AI). Behind our smart, responsible use of AI you will find a large team of exceptional and dedicated human beings.

Tailoring AI outputs to client needs

We pride ourselves on our team’s knowledge and experience, which play a pivotal role in aligning AI outputs with a company’s specific requirements – both from a creative and developmental perspective. Our expertise extends beyond technical capabilities. We take time to understand our clients’ unique business needs and then apply AI to create inspiring work with a powerful impact. Our expert teams understand the specific demands and needs of many industries, from FMCG to beverages, retail and more. Ensuring generated content seamlessly integrates with our clients’ marketing goals.

Human intuition, creativity and AI

While generative AI can produce remarkable content, there’s an inherent need for human interaction to bridge the gap between machine-generated outputs and real-world context. Our teams infuse human intuition with the power of generative AI to ensure AI-generated content aligns with the highest standards and cultural nuances and evokes the desired emotional response. This unique blend of human creativity and AI-driven efficiency empowers our creative teams to focus on elevated creative direction, creating a powerful synergy that maximizes the effectiveness of marketing initiatives.

Human curation is crucial in ensuring AI-generated ideas evolve into valuable assets that fit seamlessly into everyday life. Our digital natives are well versed in generative AI have a deep understanding of market trends and brand nuances, giving them the ability to craft effective creative prompts and refine the output to resonate with the intended audience. Whenever AI suggests unexpected ideas, human expertise ensures they align with the brand’s identity and goals, often sparking unconventional but inspiring work. HH Global’s “human-in-the-loop” approach provides the necessary checks and balances alongside greater depth and creativity, ensuring that ideas are not only algorithmically generated but also strategically and emotionally driven.

Accelerating time to market

Generative AI has the power to elevate and drive creativity, one of the most critical factors in the fast-paced world of consumer marketing. By expediting ideation, concepting, design and production, we can accelerate the creative process. This acceleration, combined with all the right checks and balances, improves speed to market – a crucial factor for consumer brands.

When it comes to consumer engagement and excitement, speed to market gives clients’ brands a competitive edge. Being first to market leads to improved brand visibility, perception and customer satisfaction. It also facilitates early revenue generation (which is key in a rapidly changing and fickle consumer market) and increases market share.

Our generative AI capabilities enable us to swiftly create a diverse array of photorealistic concepts and imagery set against the foundation of our clients’ creative briefs. After leveraging generative AI for conceptualization, our creative teams seamlessly transition to refined creative, design and physical production at greater efficiency. We then expertly transform conceptual ideas into skillful renders, integrating hardware and components to bring our clients’ visions to life across multiple touchpoints. Tasks that once demanded substantial manual effort – such as removing video backgrounds and creating pixel-perfect renditions – can be accomplished in minutes.

The strategic implementation of generative AI can condense a weeks-long project into a matter of days. Our comprehensive and streamlined process also facilitates discussions about digital possibilities, their implications on engineering and budgets to ensure the feasibility of concepts – so clients can achieve their business goals more effectively. These factors drive innovation and creativity while significantly reducing the time and resource investment required to deliver impactful ideas.

Generative AI has proved its exceptional adaptability and versatility across a variety of creative domains, including text-to-image conversion, art direction, custom packaging and industrial design. Its application also extends to video, digital, augmented reality and immersive experiences – featuring everything from sculptures and in-store murals to digital brand avatars. This versatility enables us to rapidly tailor ideas to meet the distinct preferences of different clients, industries and project executions.

Ongoing support and adaptation

Generative AI is a rapidly evolving field, and staying abreast of the latest advancements is crucial. For HH Global, generative AI is increasingly becoming an integral part of the comprehensive and cohesive marketing solutions, tailored to the needs of our clients. We continuously refine our approach, harnessing the latest innovations and breakthroughs to provide our clients with progressive creative solutions that leverage the full potential of this transformative technology to drive their marketing performance.

However, navigating from machine-generated creativity to practical applications does come with complexities, such as intellectual property considerations, brand compliance and reputation risk. So, at HH Global, we do much more than embrace generative AI – we actively shape it to embody our core values of innovation, integrity and trust. We manage the risks associated with intellectual property, brand compliance, feasibility and reputation for our clients, collaborating with brand, marketing and industry leaders to deliver bigger impact for their big ideas.

If you would like to know more about how HH Global is using generative AI for our clients and integrating machine-generated creativity into real-world applications, please contact us.

Mark Tiedens

Chief Technology Officer

Mark is responsible for both operational and client facing technology strategy and development across all HH Global solutions. He also continues to serve as CEO of Noosh, HH Global’s self service marketing procurement solution. With 20 years of experience driving growth and technology innovation, Mark leads a global team of software engineers and information technology professionals.


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