Releasing our latest annual sustainability report: Innovation with purpose

Author: Kevin Dunckley




11 July 2022

As HH Global continues to update, progress, and evolve, so does our ESG strategy. Our increased size, scale and scope mean we have a duty to pioneer and lead the way in making our industry more sustainable. Therefore, I am pleased to bring you our latest Sustainability report, which details how we have continued to innovate with purpose.  

The report provides a deep dive into the UN Sustainable Development Goals framework we have adopted, and how it continues to shape our detailed action plan and inform the HH Global Codes of Conduct to guide all our employees and suppliers.  

We have been able to support these goals by combining our proprietary technology and extensive data insights to launch innovation for our clients, enabling us to address impact at scale.  

Last year included some significant milestones for the business as we;  

  • Committed to setting a science-based target 
  • Committed to The Climate Pledge, as one of the first signatories alongside one hundred other leading businesses  
  • Established and published our full suite of sustainability targets, fully aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals  
  • Retained and improved our EcoVadis Gold rating 

Together we look forward to exploring how we can continue to engage with our clients and suppliers alike, to create an even bigger global impact with our ambitious ESG targets in the future. Thank you for continuing to follow HH Global’s sustainability journey.  

Please follow the link to the report here and scroll down to our “Commitment to sustainability”. 


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