HH Global Meets Prince Charles As Part of the Sustainable Markets Initiative

Author: Kevin Dunckley




29 September 2021

As part of our continued involvement in the Sustainable Markets Initiative, HH Global’s Executive Chairman Robert MacMillan was delighted to have been invited to meet Prince Charles in Kew Gardens yesterday, to discuss the ambitious, practical actions set out in the new Terra Carta.

HH Global joined an exclusive list of 15 of the top sustainability industry leaders, with ESG agendas at the forefront of their business strategies, including Diageo, BP and Burberry. The visit was to allow these companies to deepen their understanding of the biodiversity crisis, by discussing the solutions being explored at the world leading institution of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Chief Sustainability & Innovation Officer, Kevin Dunckley said, “HH Global is truly honored to have been selected to meet Prince Charles to discuss this latest SMI initiative, along with other impressive and influential companies doing their part to improve sustainability standards across the board.”

Prince Charles unveiled the Terra Carta charter at the One Planet Summit in France in January 2021, as a roadmap for the private sector to put sustainable practices at the heart of their businesses by 2030. Based on the Magna Carta, which shaped our fundamental rights and liberties over 800 years ago, the Terra Carta aims to encourage collaboration amongst industry leaders to agree to practical actions; establishing a clear recovery plan for Nature, People & Planet.

After 50 years of campaigning for the environment, The Prince of Wales’ appeal puts nature as the driving force behind economic and industry growth moving forward, and relies on the co-operation of businesses across the board to make this a reality. Some of the policies detailed in the manifesto are outlined below;

  • Commit to supporting and rapidly accelerating the world’s transition towards a sustainable future
  • Recognize the importance of ‘local’ – local traditions, languages and cultures along with local products, jobs and sustainability – and how these ‘locals’ connect and support each other in the wider tapestry of regional and global systems
  • Acknowledge that the required global trajectory is a sustainable one, where the private sector has a critical role to play. To accelerate along this trajectory, a ‘future of industry’ and ‘future of economy’ approach must be taken
  • Undertake to collaborate, share knowledge and ideas to propel the world towards sustainability at a faster pace through public, private and philanthropic collaboration.

We are once again proud to be part of this wider sustainability conversation, helping to catalyze tangible change in the industry by encouraging large corporations to recognize their responsibility to the environment. To read more policies within the Terra Carta please click here.

Photos by: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew


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