HH Global Launches Industry-Leading Sustainable Procurement Framework for Strategic Suppliers

Author(s): Kevin Dunckley and Kathy Presto




16 May 2022

As more companies establish their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) targets, there are increasing requirements to have clear and credible visibility into where they are directing their procurement spend. Access to legitimate and credentialed strategic partners is a critical component to achieving and measuring progress against ESG targets. With this in mind, we are pleased to announce a new sustainability initiative offered exclusively for HH Global strategic supplier partners.

The HH Global Sustainable Procurement Framework (SPF) is a technology-enabled supply chain program aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals that will help suppliers share their ESG credentials and continuously improve on their ESG journey.

We have carefully selected a group of HH Global strategic suppliers from each region to participate in the first phase of this innovative program, which launched last week.

This project also supports achieving one of our stated 2025 commitments towards UN Goal 8, (Decent work and economic growth), focused on educating our strategic suppliers on the UN SDGs. We are dedicated to ensuring that best-practice ESG guidance is distilled, not only within our business but also across our partners.

We would like to thank our founding partners on this project, TBL Services, Support the Goals, and Grouptree who have helped us to bring this initiative to life, as well as BSI who reviewed the framework including its alignment to the UN SDGs.