HH Global launch industry-first automated sustainability data insights

Author: Kevin Dunckley




30 August 2022

Leveraging our scale, automating CO2 data and insights at planning stage.

 At HH Global we understand the value a strong ESG strategy can unlock for our client’s brands. Proving that HH Global is the true market leader in sustainable marketing practices, we are thrilled to bring you the most recent enhancement to our sustainability program and proprietary technology platform, Hub.

Hub can now provide our clients with automated carbon emissions estimates at quotation stage. This industry-first solution works by leveraging our CO2 calculator in conjunction with our CO2 dataset developed from the largest industry spend profile of +$2.3 billion.

This technology will give marketeers a holistic view of the environmental impact of their procurement spend at the pre campaign planning stage, enabling deeper insights and smarter decision making. All client quotations generated through the platform will now carry a carbon emission estimate, allowing comparisons to be made between different materials, channels and price points. The first release supports common sustainable marketing procurement, with additional categories such as branded merchandise and premiums to follow. Digital channels are already at concept stage.

Mike Perez, Chief Executive Officer at HH Global said: “This is the largest and smartest dataset of its kind in the industry and there are big opportunities for us to scale up this tech in the future.

We are changing how companies view their marketing spend and allowing them to gain visibility into what is happening in their supply chain using smart data insights. We plan to develop this further, with our roadmap including a predictive algorithm for scenario planning and assessments, as well as covering additional channels such as digital.”

We are excited to be able to leverage our data insights to help our clients quickly and easily make better-informed sustainable purchasing decisions and reduce their indirect carbon footprint and scope 3 emissions.

Our forward-thinking intelligent client partnerships are no longer centered on purely cost-saving matrixes — as more companies begin to realize the importance of a growth strategy instead driven by strong environmental and social governance. HH Global believes that sustainability drives value creation and growth and we are building the roadmaps for our clients to achieve this.

Our recently launched sustainability consultancy service is already using smart data and insights to reduce waste for large global brands and developing strategic CO2 reduction roadmaps for others.

We continue to pursue our ambition to truly become the world’s most impactful partner to brands seeking stronger, more sustainable growth. If you would like to find out more about how we can help your company, please reach out to the HH Global Sustainability Team at


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