HH Global and SAP Ariba - How our Partnership has Accelerated Sustainable Innovation in the Supply Chain

Author: Gary George




5 August 2021

On HH Global’s journey towards achieving our ESG and sustainability goals, the ability to adapt to new innovations within our procurement and supply chain processes is paramount. Ensuring that our clients are offered market-leading sustainable solutions has now become the standard in our offered services. We have worked together closely with our suppliers and partners to reach these goals, by digitizing our operational processes and innovating new eco-friendly material substitutes for print and point of sale materials.

One such partner, who we have been working with for over 12 years, is SAP Ariba. They are a global management solutions company who have helped us align our purchasing and procurement decisions with our sustainability-driven business strategy. SAP Ariba allows companies to consolidate their end-to-end processes, from sourcing to procurement to payment, on a single integrated platform in the cloud.

Through this trusted partnership, HH Global has been able to digitize our supply chain processes and documentation, and the way our purchase orders and invoices are transacted and managed electronically. This has eliminated manual processes and reduced the need for physical resources and waste. Using SAP Ariba, HH Global has also adopted punch-out and published catalogues, and has worked intelligently to automatically route orders to our suppliers based on agreed rate cards and delivery location.

Our long-standing, trusted collaboration with SAP Ariba is strengthened through our presence on their Supplier Advisory Board. This ensures that, together, we are able to guarantee that we are providing only the highest levels of service, integration and understanding to our clients utilizing SAP Ariba’s service offerings.

HH Global recently featured in a business trends blog post on the SAP Arbia site, to read it please follow the link below; Transforming Supplier Engagement for Sustainable Innovation in the Supply Chain | SAP Blogs


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