HH Global Achieves POPAI Sustainability Standard Accreditation

Author: Kevin Dunckley




30 April 2021

HH Global announces that the sustainability commitments made, and the principles embedded in its operations to deliver on them, have received POPAI Sustainability Standard (PSS) accreditation.

The latest recognition of HH Global’s commitment to sustainability came this week when we received POPAI Sustainability Standard (PSS) accreditation, their corporate environmental standard.

Forming the cornerstone of POPAI’s commitment to lead the industry to a point of self-regulation for the management of environmental performance, this accreditation acknowledges the sustainability principles that we have successfully embedded in our organization.

Part of the Shop! global network, POPAI is a not-for-profit association dedicated to promoting best practice to enhance the total shopper experience across six continents and over forty-five countries around the world. It’s membership includes top retailers, leading brands, brand agencies, producers and educators committed to relevant shopper marketing research and education.

Kevin Dunckley, Chief Sustainability and Innovation Officer, explained: “Sustainability continues to be front and center of our clients’ agendas, many of whom are members of POPAI themselves. This latest accreditation acknowledges the integrity behind the sustainability commitments we have made, and how we are actively delivering against them. Leading brands and retailers will increasingly look to this standard as a point of difference and, once again, HH Global are at the forefront.”

To read more about the POPAI Sustainability Standard, please visit their webpage.


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