Harnessing ‘Conscious Creative’ for a sustainable marketing future

Author: Lee Humphreys




27 February 2024

Leading the charge for sustainable business practices 

Today’s creative professionals are increasingly aware of their role in the environmental narrative and the substantial ecological impact of the marketing sector. Led by the concept of sustainable marketing, creatives are striving to integrate sustainable materials and ethical practices into their designs. Conscious Creative is HH Global’s answer to this, advocating for a design process that minimizes environmental impact, from ideation through execution. 

This drive for sustainability extends beyond the corporate sustainability reporting directive – it’s a call for creatives to align their personal values with their professional practices.

Lee Humphreys

Chief Client Officer

Lee owns the overarching responsibility for our Creative + Digital solutions and service lines working with internal and external client teams across the business to generate and integrate strategic creative and digital initiatives and innovations. Lee also maintains responsibility for the strategic, operational and financial performance of his portfolio of clients within the Luxury and Technology industry sectors, developing effective client relationships and driving sustainable growth. 


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