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Author: Kathy Presto




28 February 2024

At HH Global we are committed to the objectives of our strategic partners. We understand the importance of collaboration to develop mutually beneficial relationships. Achieving sustainability needs a collective effort that creates a ripple effect across industries and regions. Continuous investment in a sustainable supply chain mitigates risks and encourages high standards across global operations.

HH Global provides unrivaled leverage, scale, expertise and strategic sourcing with a vast network of global strategic partners for the world’s biggest brands. We know how to discover unparalleled growth opportunities in the dynamic landscape of evolving sustainable supply chain practices – to deliver extraordinary impact. Our goal is to propel business forward, empower continuous improvement and promote positive change.

Our Sustainable Procurement Framework (SPF) is a trail-blazing technology-enabled supply chain program expertly developed exclusively for our strategic supplier partners. Aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), SPF gives strategic partners the guidance and support they need to progress towards more compliant and sustainable practices while enhancing their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) credentials.

A Sustainable Procurement Framework (SPF)

The SPF program helps our strategic partners meet and exceed sustainability targets. It is a comprehensive platform that offers a wealth of resources – from introductory materials to specific policies and templates.

The HH Global SPF unfolds in three pivotal phases:

1. Supplier perception

2. Supplier update

3. Supplier improvement

While strategic partners can view their own ESG maturity stage, anonymized metrics enable comparison against peers to facilitate healthy competition and improvement.

The SPF is also underpinned by an advisory board, which steers the direction of the program and platform. Representatives from senior key clients, strategic supplier partners, investors, the British Standards Institution (BSI) and expert sustainability partners are consulted quarterly to ensure the program delivers positive and measurable outcomes.

Evolving the HH Global SPF

The continuous evolution of the SPF is evident in the introduction of new features, including an enhanced actions page, redesigned resources page, maturity score comparisons, site translations and a newsfeed section. These features improve the user experience and promote engagement and awareness.

As the platform gains momentum, strategic partners are reaping the benefits. It is a roadmap for sustainability improvement, providing educational resources and recognition whilst positively contributing to their growth.

A gateway to the future

HH Global’s SPF is setting the highest standards and actively shaping a sustainable future. With nearly 1,000 strategic partners onboard across 50 countries representing an annual spend of more than $1B – the program has seen significant success. Over 35% of participating strategic partners have utilized the SPF tools, advice and insights, which have enabled them to advance beyond the initial maturity stage and further solidified a joint commitment to better business and a healthier living environment. As the program evolves, so does the collective impact – marking a paradigm shift in responsible practices. Together, we can navigate an exciting landscape and make a tangible difference.

To learn more about our pioneering Sustainable Procurement Framework or to find out how you can join us on this transformative journey, visit our website or contact us at

Kathy Presto

Chief Procurement Officer

Kathy is responsible for defining and implementing the overall procurement and category management strategies globally and leads the Strategic Sourcing group to significantly increase value through client discovery and the development of service and vendor capabilities across the broad range of HH Global’s operational, service and delivery channels. She oversees vendor governance including the establishment and expansion of our diverse and sustainable supply chain, as well as supply chain risk mitigation. Her team is also responsible for client and vendor analytics, management information and business intelligence dashboard reporting.


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