Alliance Pharmaceuticals Limited leverages innovative social media marketing in campaign for KELO-COTE®


Alliance Pharmaceuticals Limited drives brand awareness for scar treatment with impactful, targeted campaign

With low brand awareness and little in terms of customer data and insights, Alliance sought to uncover their target audience for KELO-COTE®, a clinically proven treatment to help reduce the appearance of scars after surgical procedures, wounds and burns.

They needed a partner that would help find and turn insights into a successful brand awareness campaign, on a limited budget.


Consumer health


Alliance Pharmaceuticals Limited


Insight brought knowledge, and with that, audience impact

Alliance chose HH Global to deep-dive into their audience, gathering invaluable insights through innovative social media testing.

This approach unlocked a wealth of untapped understanding of their audience, discovering key drivers and barriers, based around age, location in the United Kingdom, ethnicity and gender.



Across all our campaigns

1.9 million


Showing deep customer resonance and engagement


A/B-tested creative campaigns

Showcasing the power of social media insight gathering

how we did it

Social media testing drove a powerful and resonant campaign

HH Global developed for Alliance an innovative Instagram campaign.

This included 6 impactful but varied creative executions of our key campaign components, exploring clinical, playful and emotive tones of voice and styles. These were run as A/B tests across Instagram, with two different creatives, every two weeks.

With this approach, Alliance were able to uncover which messaging and creative best resonated with the audience.

By reaching a wide and varied target group, this successful campaign drove engagement and increased awareness of KELO-COTE® and its launch in Boots (Boots UK Limited).

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