The road to responsible AI: Generative AI, inspiring ideas for the real world

Author: Lee Humphreys




27 October 2023

In a world driven by rapid technological advancements, the integration of generative AI into creative processes is having a transformative impact on ideation, creation, design and production across a multitude of content channels. The journey from machine-generated creativity to real-world applications is complicated, with numerous factors to consider. At a high level, intellectual property, compliance, brand and reputational risks; and at a practical level, the ability to turn these ideas into practical, executable creative and solutions in the real world.

Enabling and accelerating creativity

At HH Global we are using the power of AI to enhance our research and idea-generation capabilities, to expedite the production and evolution of quality content and visuals for the conceptual phase of work. Instead of sketching concepts, we can create a wider range of photorealistic ideas and imagery much faster. We can rapidly remove backgrounds in videos, generate pixel-perfect renditions and perform other creative tasks that traditionally would have involved significant manual effort. Working examples of AI-generated conceptual ideation can be seen here.

Generative AI is incredibly adaptable and versatile in the creative process and can be used in a number of creative domains, such as text-to-image conversion, art direction, custom packaging and industrial design as well as various digital, augmented reality and immersive experiences – featuring sculptures, in-store murals and digital brand avatars. Ideas can be quickly and easily tailored to suit different clients, industries and executions.

After leveraging generative AI for conceptual ideas, our creative teams have a direct line of sight to creative production and physical production.  This ensures that all concepts can actually be produced — bringing our clients’ work to life through various touch points. We transform concepts into skillful renders, integrating hardware and components, so we can discuss digital possibilities and their implications on engineering and budgets. Harnessing the power of HH Global’s Conscious Creative program, we can go from iterative concepts to cost estimates easily while fully considering the environmental impact and potential timelines, before presenting to a client. Through working with generative AI, a project that could typically take weeks can be condensed into a few days, significantly reducing the time and resource investment required to bring big ideas to our clients.

Harmonizing AI with human ingenuity

Generative AI frees up the expertise in our creative teams to focus on higher-level creative direction and decisions. Human curation and intervention are still essential to ensure that AI-generated ideas can be developed into valuable assets and can effectively live in the real world. Here at HH Global, we have digital “Gen AI natives”, passionate about the advances of generative AI. Our teams have a wealth of knowledge in understanding the relevant trends and our clients’ brands, can craft effective creative, generative prompts – then refine suggestions to ensure they resonate with the intended audience. And when AI offers up unexpected suggestions, it takes human expertise to align them with a brand’s identity and goals – to spark unconventional and inspiring work. HH Global’s human-in-the-loop process adds depth and creativity, ensuring ideas are not just algorithmically generated but also strategically and emotionally driven. It is vital to maintain human involvement all the way through the creative process – to enable the perfect synergy of generative AI and human expertise.

Mitigating risks and ensuring uniqueness

The integration of AI-generated content into creative projects has led to discussions about legal and ethical implications. As AI-generated content proliferates across written, visual and audible mediums, safeguarding data, privacy and originality is paramount. Although many well-known players such as Adobe, Microsoft, Shutterstock and Getty are underwriting some of the legal challenges, maintaining human-in-the-loop oversight is critical to the client experience and ensuring AI-driven content complies with legal and ethical standards.

HH Global has developed strategies to mitigate risks related to brand names and content. One such approach is white labeling, where we ensure the prompts used to generate content do not explicitly use brand names; this allows for the creation of ideas without infringing copyrights or trademarks or potentially resurfacing concepts that the specific brand has previously used. Transparency is another crucial aspect, emphasizing the importance of openness and clarity in the adoption of generative AI. Demonstrating how generative AI is used in client projects is essential to building trust and understanding. By collectively defining approved tools, usage guidelines, standards and best practices, we can ensure AI serves to boost creativity without compromising our responsibilities.

Looking forward to creative collaboration

As generative AI continues its rapid evolution, its influence on the creative landscape will undoubtedly expand – presenting opportunities and challenges across diverse industries. We have moved into a new era of creativity, and this is just the beginning. So, as we fuse the power of AI’s practical applications with human expertise, we will continue to consider – and then manage – the legal and ethical questions it raises, to facilitate a harmonious, progressive collaboration for this exciting future.

HH Global is not just embracing generative AI, we are shaping it to align with our core values of innovation, integrity and trust, and partnering with our clients and industry leaders to navigate the AI landscape ahead.

If you would like to know more about how HH Global is safeguarding the use of generative AI for our clients and integrating machine-generated creativity into real-world applications, please contact us.

Lee Humphreys

Chief Client Officer

Lee owns the overarching responsibility for our Creative + Digital solutions and service lines working with internal and external client teams across the business to generate and integrate strategic creative and digital initiatives and innovations. Lee also maintains responsibility for the strategic, operational and financial performance of his portfolio of clients within the Luxury and Technology industry sectors, developing effective client relationships and driving sustainable growth. 


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