Our FY22 sustainability report is live

Author: Kevin Dunckley




16 December 2022

HH Global is recognized as the industry thought leader on ESG and Sustainability. We demonstrate this leadership by showing our clients, colleagues, and suppliers the progress we are making against our targets and commitments in our fourth annual Sustainability Report. The in-depth review casts an eye to the future and which benchmarks are within our trajectory looking forward. Being public and transparent about our progress gives greater accountability and inspiration for both our existing and prospective network to do the same.

Some highlights and milestones covered in the report include:

  • Following the introduction of a new standard of science-based targets for Net-Zero at COP26, we have set a target of achieving Net-Zero by the year 2040. These targets are aimed at reducing emissions from both our direct and indirect impact across our entire value chain.
  • Our acquisitions during this reporting year meant that our number of facilities expanded, resulting in a corresponding increase of emissions. Additionally, we have made improvements in our data collection that delivers greater transparency in our reporting. To accommodate these changes, we have updated our baseline year for carbon footprint goals to 2022 and will use this year to measure our emission reduction progress starting next year.
  • Our proprietary technology platform, Hub, now gives clients automated carbon emissions estimates at the quotation stage by leveraging our CO2 calculator in conjunction with our CO2 This gives our wide network a holistic view of the environmental impact of their procurement spend at the pre-campaign planning stage, enabling deeper insights and smarter decision-making for more sustainable campaigns.
  • Companies committed to good ESG practices need clear and credible visibility of where they direct their procurement spend, and suppliers also need a clear understanding of status regarding their ESG practices. We developed a new Supplier Sustainability Procurement Framework (SPF), exclusively for HH Global strategic supplier partners, to ensure that each supplier is profiled consistently, objectively and transparently on their sustainability characteristics.
  • We launched an agile Sustainability Consultancy team, which works with our clients to help unlock the potential in operating sustainably, identifying opportunities for improvement to deliver agile solutions with transparent, cost-efficient results.

For more information on these achievements and how we plan to build off of them in FY24, please click here to review the report. If you have any questions or comments about the contents of the report, please contact


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