HH Global discloses environmental impact through CDP

Author: Kathy Presto




8 December 2023

Commitment to meaningful and measurable environmental action is more critical than ever. Which is why HH Global has completed a full assessment of the carbon footprint of our business for the fourth year in a row and disclosed the results to CDP, the world’s leading environmental disclosure platform.

With a record +23,000 companies disclosing through CDP in 2023, HH Global’s data will be added to the most comprehensive inventory of self-reported environmental data in the world – helping to drive action through greater transparency.

CDP is a global non-profit that runs the disclosure platform for companies, cities, states and regions. CDP pioneered using capital markets and corporate procurement to motivate companies to report on their environmental impacts – and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, safeguard water resources and protect forests. Their aim is to see a thriving economy that works for both people and planet in the long term.   


Kevin Dunckley, Chief Sustainability Officer at HH Global commented: 

“HH Global is proud to have disclosed our environmental data through CDP for the fourth successive year. Tracking progress on reducing emissions is essential if we are to secure a 1.5°C world. Commitment to meaningful and measurable environmental action is more critical than ever and reporting where we are, our goals for a sustainable future and how we are getting there is vital.”  


Sherry Madera, Chief Executive Officer at CDP said:  

“With over 23,000 businesses disclosing through CDP this year, it is clear that sustainability – and the data that underpins it – is not a ‘nice to have’, but an essential part of long-term success in the business community that is showing no sign of slowing down – nor should it.  

“Disclosure works, and today we should take a short pause to celebrate the dedication to transparency and accountability shown by HH Global reporting through CDP this year.  

“A 1.5-degree future is still possible if the global community works in lockstep to get there.  

“By sharing their environmental data with CDP, HH Global is continuing an environmental journey that will contribute to keeping that future in sight.”  


To find out more about our commitment to environmental transparency, contact our sustainability team:

Kathy Presto

Chief Procurement Officer

Kathy is responsible for defining and implementing the overall procurement and category management strategies globally and leads the Strategic Sourcing group to significantly increase value through client discovery and the development of service and vendor capabilities across the broad range of HH Global’s operational, service and delivery channels. She oversees vendor governance including the establishment and expansion of our diverse and sustainable supply chain, as well as supply chain risk mitigation. Her team is also responsible for client and vendor analytics, management information and business intelligence dashboard reporting.


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