HH Global Acquires Adare International

Author: Mike Perez




17 August 2021

HH Global is pleased to announce the completion of the acquisition of Adare International (including Purple Agency), from the private equity firm Endless LLP, following the signing of an agreement on Monday 21 June 2021. The combined business will generate approximately $2.1bn in annual sales.

This deal will create a joint global business with over 4,000 employees and a presence in more than 65 countries, cementing HH Global’s position as market leader. It will also allow stronger in-country operations, helping to propel seven of our local markets to achieve local annual run rates of over $50m revenue for the first time.

Mike Perez, Group CEO of HH Global, expressed “Following on from the successful integration of InnerWorkings in October last year, we are thrilled to join forces with Adare International. Welcoming new clients and colleagues on board is always an exciting process, and the strength of Adare International in these areas was a key motivation for our interest in acquiring them. I’m also particularly excited to enhance our capabilities in creative services in the healthcare and B2B sectors with Purple Agency, and to take advantage of the enhanced geographical reach and local revenue within their regional operations.”

The complementary nature of our business models and our shared passion for innovation, sustainability, and commitment to delivering outstanding services, assures me that this acquisition will allow us to continue to boost the growth momentum we have built over the last few years. On behalf of everyone at HH Global I would like to wish both employees and clients alike from Adare International a very warm welcome to the HH Global family.”

Andrew Dutton, Group CEO of Adare International, is also excited for what the merge will mean for the future, stating “Having been the CEO of Adare International since 2016, I have had the privilege of helping to grow our business into the exceptional marketing services provider it is today. Our dedication for delivering innovative, integrated marketing solutions to clients around the world aligns perfectly with the strengths of HH Global, making us confident that this partnership represents the best path for our company going forwards.”

Strategic Motivation

As with the recent merge with Innerworkings, the rationale behind this latest acquisition is centred on the strategic fit and complementary nature of the businesses, ultimately allowing HH Global to further consolidate our leading position within market. The acquisition will allow us to expand capacity and reach, particularly in Europe and Latin American markets, in which our combined presence will grow our in-country capabilities. Furthermore, Adare International’s impressive solution offerings, as well as expanded agency and interactive service lines, will allow HH Global to significantly diversify and increase our proposition. Along with improving upon current services, the acquisition will also establish an increased capability in market sectors such as healthcare and B2B marketing.

The merge will ultimately result in an unparalleled marketing and execution firm that will provide our clients with meaningful opportunities to increase the value they receive from our services. Being chosen as Adare International’s acquisition partner reflects the reputation and status HH Global has managed to achieve in recent years. We will ultimately be in a stronger position to transform and grow our long-term client relationships as their trusted solutions partner, and we look forward to the future successes the merger will bring.


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