Digital innovation and sustainable growth

Author: Lee Humphreys 




5 April 2024

When it comes to longer-term, sustainable growth, ambitious brands know they need to look beyond pure sales and focus on the customer-brand relationship behind the purchase.

This is the key to a lasting one-on-one relationship – and the lasting customer value that can follow.

To get it right, you need a strategic approach, based on an interdependent blend of data and technology. And, of course, a seamless integration of the physical and digital channels. No simple task. But one we’ve embarked on with our clients in the fashion retail space.

Below, we explore some of the techniques we’ve deployed and the successes HH Global and our clients have experienced on this journey to sustainable growth.

Taking the omnichannel approach

We’ve been proud to help many of our clients in their quest to realize some ambitious objectives through the development of digital technologies – specifically, the integration of this tech within a holistic, omnichannel marketing strategy. This includes technologies to inform customers about nearby physical stores, new product drops, promotions, store openings and more.

In today’s digital age, technology is a critical enabler of omnichannel strategies. And omnichannel strategies are essential to helping brands reach their customers wherever they are, be it in brick-and-mortar stores or online.

Armed with a fully realized omnichannel strategy, brands can improve customer engagement, create brand affinity, drive on- and offline traffic and ultimately boost sales conversions. By integrating all customer engagement touchpoints, from mobile apps to in-store digital screens, organizations are also able to deliver a more consistent and compelling brand experience.

However, implementing such a strategy is not without its challenges. It requires a deep understanding of customer behaviors, preferences and needs, as well as the ability to leverage technologies to deliver relevant and personalized experiences.

At HH Global, we’ve been drawing on our expertise in all these areas to help our clients realize their own digital and omnichannel vision. Working closely with their teams, we design and implement digital solutions to enhance the customer retail experience and fuel their sustainable growth strategies. One big red button for our clients to activate their omnichannel strategy.

Adding the digital to the physical

Technology in retail is not innovation. In-store digital communications are now the norm and part of the marketing or communication mix. HH Global has supported brands as they move from offline to online in retail, allowing for the inclusion of digital to be relevant and timely. Technology, for technology’s sake, is a broken model, and tiering retail store models based on set criteria allows for a store to receive the right amount of digital. The digital support a store receives is determined by the tiering model’s criteria, rather than a simple yes or no decision. Through this approach, return on investment is protected, and the consumer experience is elevated.

Innovation in retail is using technology accurately. Making sure that content and campaigns are designed and built based on the data retail provides. Sales, footfall and digital screen data, coupled with store location and profile, allow for the most relevant message to be communicated per store, per endpoint.

We are continually exploring new ways to leverage technology to drive growth for our clients. For example, we’re currently developing strategies alongside our partnerships with e-commerce teams, who successfully refine their strategies through the e-commerce lens. By understanding their best practices and testing mechanisms, we can further enhance the customer experience and drive more sustainable business growth.

Building the physical in the digital

The key to success is embedding the physical in the digital. Virtual reality technology now allows for the physical space to live in the virtual world. We use the virtual twin as a holistic collaboration tool that allows all parties, both the client side and ours, to work quickly and effectively when we design and build a new store, a new piece of furniture or place retail assets and campaigns (offline and digital) in retail. Virtual collaboration for approval increases the speed to market, decreases the cost of design and ensures all stakeholders can contribute collaboratively. Grading your own homework on how a customer will experience the retail space prior to production and going live is the new norm in retail design.

Rob Schulkins, Head of Digital Services states:

“We want to create the right strategic solution that allows for the brands to connect with their individual customers with relevance, on an ongoing basis. Using the available technology in retail and for retail allows us to simply, on behalf of our clients, communicate the right message, at the right time, for the right reasons, through the right channels to instigate the right reaction.”

Maintaining the momentum

Sustained growth and success come from the balance of new initiatives aligning with a bold long-term strategy. By constantly updating the omnichannel approach, a brand can connect with a customer and grow the relationship. Incorporating the right technology at the right points within the strategy enhances relevant customer engagement and long-term brand affinity.

Lee Humphreys

Chief Client Officer

Lee owns the overarching responsibility for our Creative + Digital solutions and service lines working with internal and external client teams across the business to generate and integrate strategic creative and digital initiatives and innovations. Lee also maintains responsibility for the strategic, operational and financial performance of his portfolio of clients within the Luxury and Technology industry sectors, developing effective client relationships and driving sustainable growth.