BSI collaboration on sustainability

Author: Kathy Presto




25 July 2023

HH Global is the trusted procurement partner for the world’s biggest and most recognizable brands delivering a range of services and solutions designed to help drive sustainable growth.

Our Sustainable Procurement Framework is a market first

With stakeholder expectations around sustainability topics on the rise and the effects of climate change felt across the globe, tackling sustainability issues has become imperative for us, as it has for most organizations.

Recent developments in the global economy, particularly supply chain disruptions and raw materials shortages, have further highlighted the challenge for businesses in becoming more sustainable and resilient in the long term while remaining competitive in the short term. These developments have also presented exciting opportunities for us to address this challenge and affirm our commitment to positively impacting our community of supplier partners.

As part of our commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and our commitment to recognized standards such as ISO 20400: Sustainable Procurement, HH Global has created the Sustainable Procurement Framework. This framework is intended as a tool to help our extensive strategic partner base meet the highest sustainability standards, and to give our clients confidence that they are working with partners who can help them advance their own sustainability priorities. Since its launch in May 2022, we have onboarded more than 600 suppliers to the platform across 47 countries representing over $1B of procurement spend.

HH Global has also set up an Advisory Board comprising of BSI, Support the Goals, four key global clients and four supplier partners representing each of our regions to ensure the framework and technology platform delivers measurable outcomes and progress.

Our collaboration with BSI

BSI is one of the world’s largest independent certification bodies and, as the UK’s national standards body, is responsible for publishing national and international standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

To help ensure our approach was based on good practice, we approached BSI seeking advice and feedback on the framework. We also worked with BSI to leverage its expertise in sustainability best practice and to review and critique the veracity and efficacy of the framework, its alignment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the possible ways in which HH Global can impact its suppliers.

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