Pro bono collaboration with Motor Neurone Disease Association to drive secondary care referrals


Motor Neurone Disease Association drives awareness and referrals with innovative campaign and digital activities

With 50% of people diagnosed with motor neurone disease (MND) dying within two years, early diagnosis is crucial. However, patients are often referred to the “wrong” HCPs in the first instance.

As this is a cause close to the hearts of HH Global, we approached the Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA) to offer our creative and scientific expertise on a pro bono basis, to support their mission on improving access to care, accelerating vital research and campaigning for those people living with or affected by motor neurone disease.


Rare disease




With knowledge comes power, and for healthcare professionals, improved referrals

Working in partnership with MNDA, HH Global supported a brand-new campaign to help HCPs know what signs and symptoms of MND to look out for, and when to refer patients on to secondary care, to neurologists.


more clicks than average

For the channel the adverts were hosted across

2 minutes

average dwell time

Across the bsepoke microsite for MNDA


of visitors downloaded the red flag tool

Educating them on vital signs and symptoms of MND

how we did it

Meet Gary, the face of our innovative concept that drives home the rarity of MND

Say hello to Gary, the face of the campaign. Our approach sought to educate HCPs that MND is more common than they think – more common than the name Gary.

Gary featured on a range of digital communications, including banners, an NHS intranet campaign, a bespoke microsite and MNDA’s downloadable red flag tool, which helps HCPs recognise the signs of MND and who should be referred.

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