Harmonising a Lilly and NHS patient tool into one unified brand


Unifying branding of multiple stakeholders into one cohesive look and feel

To help mitigate the growing pressures of diabetes on the NHS, the PARM Tool was devised and developed in a combined effort between two NHS CCGs and Lilly.

The PARM Tool is used by diabetes nurses, physicians, consultants, clinical leads, CCGs and health board commissioners. HH Global was tasked with developing a visual identity for the Tool that considered the brand heritage of its creators and the diversity of the people actually using it.

The branding also needed to reflect ownership from the NHS and Lilly, and embody the innovative nature of the Tool to a range of users across the NHS.




Eli Lilly and Company


Bringing together many to create one voice, one look and one personality

To consolidate everyone’s views and agree a common way forward for the branding, HH Global held a half-day workshop at the beginning of the project.

Our strategists and creatives partnered with all stakeholders to agree brand personality, tone and key drivers for users of the PARM Tool, and identify relevant competitors. By the end of the session, all stakeholders had developed and agreed a final design brief and our creatives could hit the ground running.


NHS Trusts

Using and seeing benefits from the PARM Tool in everyday practice


Press article in The Guardian

Complementing the partnership of industry and health systems for the patient’s benefit


Branded launch video

Educating and supporting users of the PARM Tool

how we did it

Unifying the NHS blue and Lilly red in a complementary way

Collaboration was at the heart of the PARM project, and our creatives cleverly incorporated in the negative space a “thread” that runs through the letters of PARM, connecting them together. The typography is modern and has a distinct technical feel, but still feels balanced and soft with rounded elements to each letter.

To maintain the modern, innovative feel, all photographic imagery is colorized using the two primary colors. When rolled out across brand guidelines, e-details, emails and user guides, the branding stands out, propelling the brand into the foreground and grabbing the attention of healthcare professionals throughout the NHS.

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