Animalcare differentiate premium dental products with promotional campaign


Animalcare drive premium portfolio launch campaign from vets, for vets

For humans, brushing our teeth is standard practice to keep us healthy. But for our dogs and cats, the same emphasis isn’t understood by pet owners, who struggle to brush their pets’ teeth, and therefore dental hygiene is minimal.

PLAQTIV+ is a premium dental care portfolio for cats and dogs that’s approved by the VOHC and proven to work with real-world evidence.

HH Global were tasked to inspire trust among vets by highlighting this crucial differentiation of PLAQTIV+, and encourage them to recommend these products to their pet owners.


Animal health




Diving deep into our audience’s minds, with collaborative market research

Working in partnership with Animalcare, HH Global leveraged our strategic, scientific and creative expertise to dive into the minds of vets.

We ran market research direct with our audience, exploring their product understanding, resonance of messaging and creative executions, and gathering testimonials and real-world product experience.


cats and dogs

Have received a PLAQTIV+ home dental care treatment


products in the PLAQTIV+ range

Supporting dental health and hygiene across toothpaste, wipes and water additives


communication materials in our promotional suite

Driving home peer-to-peer recommendations of the PLAQTIV+ portfolio

how we did it

For vets, by vets, demonstrating the power of peer-to-peer exchange

Our campaign featured relatable photos of vets alongside quotes based on real-life vet feedback from market research.

This first-person approach enabled us to highlight a range of product benefits in a credible and engaging way across different campaign materials, while evoking a sense of trusted peer-to-peer knowledge and giving our campaign a friendly, non-corporate tone.

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