A creative approach to environmental reporting with Google


Advancing sustainability with progressive strategies and digital performance

HH Global was tasked with re-envisioning the 2023 Google Environmental Report by refreshing its design and incorporating best practices for accessibility and interactivity, as well as providing strategy and guidance on sustainability content.

Google, a global leader in the technology sector, releases its environmental report annually. This report is Google’s single source of truth and key platform for showcasing its progress in environmental strategy, programs and performance. With escalating expectations from consumers, and emerging legal frameworks regarding sustainability reporting, Google recognized the importance of enhancing the content and structure of the 2023 report. The pressure was on to accelerate the impact of its sustainability story, while improving the digital user experience. To do this, it needed a partner with global creative and digital production proficiency, as well as specific expertise in sustainability reporting.






Transforming sustainability reporting through dynamic design

Undertaking a thorough peer benchmarking review – addressing sustainability content, user experience and design – HH Global identified best practices and provided clear data analysis of market trends and efficiencies. The result? A 104-page, user-friendly, interactive PDF experience, optimized for web viewing and accessibility. The final design included a dynamic navigation bar and editorial-style layouts, using key brand colors and icons to make dense, content-heavy pages more digestible for an engaging and efficient Google experience.

The outcome

  • A reinforced partnership 
  • Full environmental report: 104-page fully functional interactive PDF  
  • Marketing graphics: Key graphics and charts exported specifically for marketing and website usage. 
  • Abridged executive summary: 15-page condensed, fully- functional interactive PDF. Includes several key pages from the full report, paired with additional content overview pages. Features its own interactive navigation. 

The Google Environmental Report was a perfect opportunity to expand on our existing partnership with Google, introducing a new team to the creativity, collaboration and dedication that HH Global has become known for across its clients. HH Global’s sustainability foundation paired with a broad knowledge of Google branding and practices helped make this a success and helps us continue to form new relationships across Google.

Danielle Silva-Ballard

Global Director, Client Engagement

We were thrilled to be selected to work on Google’s Environmental Report. It provided a unique opportunity to pair HH Global’s deep creative expertise with our sustainability acumen to help shape the vision of one of the largest and most influential companies in the world. The success of this highly visible project brought increased awareness of HH Global’s capabilities to the Google Team and further strengthened our longstanding partnership.

Sean Carr

Director of Sustainability, Americas

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