Global sportswear brand increases impact and efficiency around the world


Streamlining supply chain to unleash opportunity

adidas, one of the world’s leading sportswear brands, needed to radically streamline its marketing supply chain. Not just to untangle complex, costly and time-consuming activities, but to unleash the full power of its in-store marketing. This meant gaining visibility and control of their marketing execution across all channels.

To make the most out of this move, they needed a partner who could provide world-class supply chain proficiency, creative production capability across all product types, deep retail store knowledge and leading procurement deployed at scale. Making sure that marketing spend turned into measurable growth.






A cohesive local approach that enhanced visibility and control everywhere

To rise to the challenge, HH Global embedded expert onsite teams. Working in partnership with adidas, we were able to build efficiency and create value, delivering solutions that increased transparency and put our client back in control.

Through this intelligent partnership with our client, we:

  • Decoupled their agency relationships from production and procurement removing layers of margin previously added
  • Regained geographical alignment, consolidation and spend leverage
  • Provided creative production that amplified campaigns across media, channels, and markets
  • Supported growth back by increased sustainability

Retail excellence born from deep partnership

Through our embedded teams, we were able to custom create an online repository of all store assets, locations and inventory. That gave our client exceptional visibility across the process end to end while optimizing the supply chain and delivering significant cost savings.

But that did not mean compromising on quality. Our close partnership with our client enabled us to deploy creative ideas, on the right channels, in unison, moving customers to act. At the same time, we provided real-time analytics across all service categories for actionable metrics that helped boost impact even more.

The result? Physical and digital elements working together to create a cohesive, unforgettable retail experience.


Savings delivered

Across over 1,300 production projects executed


Stores managed

Including Owned Retail, Factory Outlet, Wholesale Retail Partners and Employee Stores

From 672 to 1

Number of suppliers before and after

Consolidated into one leading production and procurement partner

Our close partnership with our client enabled us to amplify creative ideas, on the right channels, in unison, moving audiences.

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